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anon • Mommy to a heart I never got to hear beat 👼🏽

This is my first pregnancy. It was unexpected, but definitely not unwanted. I’m 17 years old, going on 18 in june. My family was so exy, his was too. 2 days ago changed me . I was told something is wrong with my baby. On Tuesday of this past week I went to the doctor ( family doctor) to get a blood test , inform my doctor who always keeps up with me , because I have anxiety and we have been trying to fix that since I was about 12-13 . Well, we found out for sure, I’m pregnant. But my hcg level was 950. He went ahead and ordered an ultrasound for 2 days later. 11 am Thursday . I will never forget it . I was so excited. I was so happy to see a life I’m groaning inside of me. On the ultrasound they didn’t see anything ( the hospital told me this), but I got a call. 3:18 pm Thursday. It broke me . “ this is Dr.Wilys office , can I speak to Hannah?” “ Hannah this is urgent, we need you to go to the hospital in the next town over . Go to the ER and an OBGYN will be waiting on you . “ I asked why ? What’s wrong with me ? They told me I had a possible ectopic pregnancy. I fell to my knees and just started asking God , God please let them be wrong , please give me a healthy baby . I went to the Er like I was told. They did more blood work , this time my HCG level was 965 . Only a very small increase in 2 days. I’m supposed to be 5 weeks . ( doctor told me this) they did another ultrasound and still couldn’t find anything . They told me come back in 48 hours . Today is the day I will more than likely find out . My grandma tell me “ oh the doctors are wrong , you ARE going to have a baby , and you’re going to name it something weird . I want to believe her because she is the one who predicted that my mom was gonna have twins ( me and my sister ) she did. I know if this baby is safe and I have it , I will name him ( if it’s a him) Emmanuel. Meaning “God Is with you “. I think this experience has brought me closer to God and made me realize I want a baby, and I want to marry my unborn child’s father. Thank you God ! And thank you guys for the support and prayers .