I can’t believe he’d do that

So I currently have a uti and it hurts so bad that I cry at night. Well when the doctor told me I had it, and that I was getting meds I was happy. The downside though was that the medicine cost 71.10 and neither of us had the money to spare besides for groceries. My phone was dying and the line was filling up. So as a curtesy to others I stepped out of line. We were on a tight schedule that night so I wasn’t able to get the medicine.

The next day we are driving towards New Jersey. We had just gotten into Arizona. I was still in lots of pain. He starts calling places and I’m like what is he doing? Next thing I know he’s calling different pawn shops. I’m looking at him like why?

He’s like yeah I’m calling pawn shops where I can sell things. I’m thinking like why because all he had was a smart watch, tv, sound bar , gps, and an Xbox. So I’m tell him I do not want him to sell his stuff because that’s stuff he bought (besides the smart watch). He told me he’d give anyway all those things including his xbox. So I said what if you get bored? He said I rather be bored than have you not be okay?

Guys I was speechless but thankful. He didn’t have to sell his stuff. He got an advance from his job and we were able to get medicine and groceries