Implantation bleeding??

Okay so my last period was August 23 and I have an average 28 day cycle, I'm on birth control but this last month have missed a couple days... I have had, nausea with slight vommiting this past like week, head aches everyday, tender breasts, extra tired, My period is always on time and usually normal. Three days ago I got cramps, back pain, and light pink/brownish spotting plus a little watery like discarge. The next day had bad leg cramps and had some bright red bleeding and two small clots when wiping, after that the third day had the same thing but way less red blood when wiping, & today back to brown spotting, so I know it is too early for pregnancy test to detect but can someone please tell me if they THINK I'm pregnant or not??? Plus my period isn't due for like 7 days!!! So I'm not late, YET LOL