Partial bed rest

I'm hoping this is the right place to put this.
I am high risk with my second son at 29 weeks. I am home with restricted activities. I can shower, use the restroom, and light house work. 
I was in the hospital with preterm labor Wednesday night/Thursday morning. All is under control now.
I'm having a really hard time right now because I found out my mother passed away Thursday morning. She was living alone in a state she knew now one. My dad and sister are working on getting things squared away, but I can't be there because of the pregnancy. I know it's for the baby and my health, but I feel so useless. My emotions are everywhere and I'm starting to feel depressed.
I am on anti depressents and am seeing a counselor to help, but I'm having a super hard time.
Anybody have any suggestions or been in a similar situation?