How to better foreplay?

I ruined the moment because my boyfriend said, 'now I have to go down on you before I stick it in' he went for it but right away tilted his head on the side (tired head) it didn't do it for me and I said just to skip it to Intercourse, he got upset at me. So I told him he shows me he's not into it. I don't know how he doesn't get it that it's a turn off for me or I pressure myself to come so he can get it over with. He said he can't help his head gets tired. So I mentioned to do it in different position then, 69, sitting on his face, on all fours. To that he said nothing and it pissed me off and I said exactly you're not into it. He keeps saying he is but what do I do? I just think it's selfish of him, as he tells me to give him BJ but once in a blue moon goes down on me only to be lazy. He got really upset and just went to bed. What do I do?