The worse time ever!!😭😭😭

Please pray that my period is late. Lol ( That’s something a lot of people wish doesn’t happen.)

I do something called Nazarene Teen Bible Quizzing and this weekend we have regionals at something called Extravaganza. This is the last quiz meet of the year unless you make it on a regional team because this year we have something call NYC (Nazarene Youth Conference) which is a seriously big deal. It’s only every 4 years. I’m trying to make it on a regional team. Also at Extravaganza I’m singing a song I wrote and doing a duet with one of my friends. It’s going to be a super stressful weekend. On top of that all I just looked at when I’m supposed to start my period... AND I START IT FRIDAY!!! THE FIRST FULL DAY OF EXTRAVAGANZA!!!! 😳😠 My body couldn’t have chosen a worse time!!!😫😭Please be late period... I know you can do it. I’m a teenager so it’s very possible for you to be late so... please... I’m begging you... be late.😔