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Tamara • Baby Due Jan 2016

Hi ladies, am 22 weeks I had a miscrage 1 week before i got prg with this one which am due on jan 14. Everyday am afried it will happen agian even though i was only 6 weeks with that one and now am 22. I dont know what to do anymore i just cry and am so afried everyday. Am afried to do somthing wrong eat somthing wrong. I live in fear everyday. Every week that passes by i thank god its done. Now i only have alittle bit more than 17 weeks left and i live in fear. I feel the baby inside me kicking alittle but If i can go to the doc everyday i will be happy just so i can hear the heartbeat.

Am sorry this was way too long. But if you can tell me what to do how to be i will be very greatfull.