Our little warrior💕👑 My story;;

McCartney • Baby girl Mila Ford and the tattooed couple😊💕 33 weeks and so anxious for her here!✝👑
I was just in the hospital for 3 days then transferred by ambulance to another hospital for 2 more, in the thought that my appendix was about to burst and my baby girl and I may become septic and even die. Thankfully God was watching over us and I just have very inflamed kidneys and severe round ligament pain from me being so tiny and baby girl getting so big! Counting my blessings that my baby girl, Mila Cecilia is totally fine. She truly is a warrior Princess and fighter! These are the pictures that I got while going through all these. She was sucking her thumb just like I did in my ultrasound pictures and kicking and flipping all around through it all. I thank you all for the prayers from my previous post and ask for continued prayers that I continue to heal, feel better and have a perfectly healthy baby. I hope everyone is having a wonderful pregnancy, I'm praying for all healthy babies and Momma's, amen. 🙏🏼