What do I do?

My partner went out to town last night with two of our friends, before he went our friends had a mini domestic in the pub (basically the guy had asked to go to town and the girl said she didn't want him to go) 
But they both ended up going, and the lass was miserable all night, making the night rubbish for her partner and mine. 
So now he's said that he's not coming to town with me and these friends on Friday (my birthday) 
I hardly ever get to go to town, as we have a 4 year old, but my partner is aderment that he's not going that night, all be user she's going and he doesn't want her to be miserable and ruin the night. 
I'm pretty upset by it, as I'd like to spend my birthday with my partner and friends, but he's just constantly saying he's not coming to town with us, and that I should go on my own with them (but then I don't want to feel like the third wheel!) 
I don't know what to do :( 

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