My dad hates me now.

So. I'm 16 and I thought I had a really good open and honest relationship with both of my parents. And I've always been able to tell them anything and everything that was going on in my life. 
And two days ago I had sex for the first time with my boyfriend who I've been dating for a long time now. Now the most stupid decision I made was I didn't use a condom and I won't be on birth control until Monday. And I understand not using a condom was a really stupid idea and very irresponsible of me. 
But I still felt that I should let my parents know in case something happens/happened. 
So at first I told my mom and understandably she was upset but she said I'm glad you told me and I think you need to also tell your father. 
So I told him and he got very upset and stop talking to me. 
So then later today All I did was move from my room and sat on the porch where my father and his friend was sitting. I didn't even say anything to either one of them and just kept eating my food. And he started telling me how much of a disappointment I was and how I'm just a untrustworthy lying ungrateful lazy teenager who doesn't understand anything. And how he will never trust me again and everything that comes out of my mouth is a lie.  And he got Chris (his friend) to join in on him and when I tried to get him to calm down or even tried to talk He just grabbed my face and screamed to me if I even tried to raise my voice again to him he would fucking hit me then told me to get the fuck away from him so he can talk to his friend without having to deal with me. And that he doesn't want to see me and that him being this way isn't going to go away for a long time. 
And I just don't know what to do. I've had such a good relationship with my dad for my whole life and now it's just been blown up and I can't even leave my room or be in the same area with him without him screaming at me. 
What do I do?