Needing some advice!

Ok ladies so most of you prob know my story now..but if not here's a short recent version! I stopped my BC the mirena on August 10th after getting it in February all this year! When I got off of it my husband and I had about 5 days of sex and 4 of them were in my supposed ovulation time according to glow and ovia! I still haven't had a period since I got the bc taken out, only 3 days of medium to light period the day after I got it removed and I have taken two clear blue digital tests within the last 6 days and all neg...I can't help but feel like I am prego but I don't have many symptoms. Although when I was pregnant last year I don't recall having many symptoms either except a missed period! Last time I got off bc I got pregnant four months after it was removed. Could it still be possible I am pregnant this soon after having it removed and it just not be showing up on the digitalis yet?:/