Wanting "closure."

Sydney • Mommy to one baby girl 🎀
So there was this guy that I was super interested in. I thought it was mutual, but now it doesn't seem like it. We'd go on dates every once and a while but we haven't for so long now. I feel like I KINDA got led on. (I say kinda because it's not like he told me he liked me) but HE kissed ME on our first date. And he initiated deep conversations that I've never had with anyone else. And on other dates he wanted me to cuddle with him. So I thought it was all good.
But now out of no where we don't talk much anymore. It just seems like he doesn't want to hang out with me. I see him every Tuesday in person because we have a class together and he's still super nice and stuff in person.
But anyways, I kinda want "closure." I kinda get the point that he's not into me anymore but I want to know what happened. Why did he stop trying randomly after it went so good on our dates and why did he kinda lead me on by kissing me and cuddling with me?
I kinda wanna text him and ask what happened. Honestly I don't care if he likes me anymore, but I just want to know why everything stopped randomly. I don't think it's fair not to know.
But should I ask or should I just leave it alone? I think I already know the answer... And that's to leave it alone. But I need to hear it from someone else😝