Dont feel like I belong... :(

Jessizu • I wear lots of hats.

My son was born at 23 weeks due to a chorio infection and my body forced preterm labor of very healthy baby boy.. Unfortunately he passed away soon after birth..

On here ive been corrected that I didnt have a mc because it was after 20 weeks... But what i had was a still born.. But he wasnt a still born.because he was a live... But a micropremie... But all the micro preemie groups their micros are still alive..

I feel alone and wish I could talk to peope that understood my situation.. I miss him like i guess everyone misses theirs.. I wish we didnt have to have titles because its not a competition... Why correct someone if you dont know the story...

I felt like they were pushing me away from their "club".. Just wanting to be consoled and some support from other mommies..