I hate it when people confuse my baby

For example : confusing a boy with a girl and a girl for a boy . I was wondering if anyone else does too ? What I mean is my baby is a girl and a few people have asked " is it a boy or a girl ? " It shouldn't bother me but it does always annoy me . Like hello dont you see our diaper bag , stroller , and blankets are GIRL blankets ? 😒 I mean I understand when I dress her with a white , yellow , or green onesie it's a color that both boys and girls can wear but like come on really ? . 
My husband always tells me it's better for them to ask then for them to say " he's so cute " because that might make me even more offended which he has a point but still I hate it so much . He tells me " this is why we should get her ears pierced " but I don't plan on piercing my baby's ears 

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