Pimple on vagina that wont go away (tmi)

When I got pregnant, I broke out alot on my chest. Then it went down, and moved to my face. After shaving, I suddenly got pimples on my vagina.. Weird! 
I waxed down there a few weeks back, and a few days later, there was two pimples side my side right where the thigh and vag meets. I ended up popping them. But that was 2 weeks ago and they are still there. Last night I felt something wet and when I felt it, there was creamy white stuff coming out of it, then it was clear and had a sweet smell. (Sorry, I know its gross) 
I went to the doctor and she didnt say anything. I was tested for stds and infections, both were negative. Any idea what this is? Never had it til i got pregnant.