4 days til AF feeling discouraged

We've been trying for a year and 2 months now... with no luck at all I was told I weighted to much and that it would cause me to not be fertile.. so I started TruVision taking 2 pills a day and I've lost 35lbs in 5 months.. but still no lil bundle of joy.. I have 2 girls wanting my mommas boy.. but I think it's time to give up... thought 35lbs would help out went from 261 to 226 yes I still have lots to go but I know woman have got pregnant at a heavier weight... AF is supposed to be here Sept 18th.. and I'm sure she's coming since my boobs hurt sooo bad!! :-( just need alil encouragement my hubby tells me quit stressing It's on God's time and I know that but I'm 32 soon to be 33 I'm not getting any younger