Am I being paranoid?


So I’m 34 weeks, almost 35 and I’m wondering if I should ask my doctor about testing me for cholestasis at my app in a couple days.

I know the main symptom is severe itchiness on the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet but I googled (I know, bad idea) and it said mild to severe itchiness.

Well at night I’ve noticed the soles of my feet get somewhat itchy- but not to the point that it’s unbearable. Between 30-32 weeks I had a horrible rash all over my body but it has since cleared up- my doctor had no idea what it was.

I’ve also had a lack of appetite- to the point where I didn’t gain any weight between 28-32 weeks (my belly is still growing so the doc wasn’t worried)

And I’ve also had some tenderness on my “right upper quadrant”

All of these symptoms can be excused as just a normal part of pregnancy but I just have this nagging feeling for some reason.

If you’ve had cholestasis, do you think I should just get tested for it just in case?

I’m not one that frightens easily so this is a little out of character for me but am I justified in asking for this test?