Need Help - Labor Questions


Ok ladies, this may end up being a little long....but stay with me!

So this is my third pregnancy. I am currently 39&6. About 36 weeks I lost my mucus plug and then My labor started 2 weeks ago at 37&4. I woke up and started having contractions that grew to be 5 minutes apart and I had a scheduled dr. appt that day. They checked me and said I was 3cm dilated and 70% effaced and would probably have the baby before the weekend. we are 2 weeks later I am now 5cm dilated and 90% and having some mild contractions but nothing consistent enough. My dr. Stripped membranes on Monday (2 days ago) and has scheduled an induction for next Friday if nothing happens before.

That all being said, this morning I get up and go to the bathroom and am having some intense pressure on my cervix and I sit down to pee and everything is normal. I get up and get my oldest son ready for school and then feel like I have wet my pants. I go back to the bathroom and have to wipe like 6 times and just keep wiping away a TON of watery mucus and am crampy. Now I have a new pair of underwear on and I don’t feel

As wet but it still feels slightly damp. Should I call the doc? My water never broke on it’s on with my other two kids so I have no clue what to expect. I do know a friend however who was leaking for a week and didn’t know it, because of just a tiny hole....she didn’t have the gush or the trickle it just happened every once in a while.

I just don’t think i could lose my mucus plug again and it be that much at 5cm...just looking for thoughts or any experiences like this. I am waiting an hour or two before contacting the doc to see if contractions start on their own or if the wetness stops.

Thanks ladies!