Should I text him?

I went out on a date with this guy and then we met up a couple days later. We had sex two times that I’ve gone over to his place. This last Sunday is the last time I saw him. The last text he sent me was “okay going” since I was waiting for him outside. So I didn’t rely to that message since we spent the rest of the night together. When I left he said he wasn’t gonna text me unless I text him (keep in mind we’re BOTH scorpios ) and I know how stubborn a Scorpio can be 🙃 and I said I wouldn’t text him either that he had to text me first and he said “I’ll give you a week until you text me” obviously my pride being too big I don’t wanna text him and him think yesss got her lol but idk I really like him and I wanna talk to him so bad😫 what do I do? Wait for him to text me or just text him?