Decaf if your rude!

As a barista for ten years at the large coffee chain I have seen some crazy customers but since I was the barista and had no rights and was put there to be abused by customers since we have a "just say yes" policy I decided to take out my anger on people who ticked me off! Here is my confession, if you are rude there is s good chance you got decaf, short a shot, one pump less of syrup, long shots making it bitter, burned milk if your coffee wasn't hot enough, extra ice to short you on milk, or any thing else I could think of to mess with your day since you decided to mess with mine! Moral of the story, if you are going to put your morning coffee in the hands of someone else you better be nice if you want to get what you need!!!
So what have you done to keep yourself sane when people are ticking you off?