THINX-- First Impressions and a Review to Follow!

For those who don't know, THINX are a relatively new brand/product called "period pasties".  THINX are NOT the notorious period panties that all women have hiding somewhere in the back of their underware drawer; they are cute, comfortable, absorbant, and can be used as a replacement OR as a back up to your current feminine hygiene products.  Being that I am at home majority of the time and, as I'm sure most women are, I am paranoid about "leaks" ruining my sheets, I chose to try the "hiphugger" style first as it has the most coverage and can absorb the most liquid!  My wonderful SO bought me 3 pairs and by some miracle they arrived right on time: on the first day of my period for this month!  
So! First impressions!
From the packaging before putting them on:
Packaging: Each pair is individually packaged with a card stating size, style, level of protection, and other company info.  
Size:  to me, they appeared bigger than my usual "period panties" but when held together they're the same size (it's just the cut that made them look bigger).  I usually wear a Large so I ordered a large and they fit perfect- there is a sizing chart so if you're concerned, refer to that.
Feel: I won't lie, initially, the feel was a little concerning to me simply because of the extra fabric and; the fact that I usually wear thongs or panties with lace on the bum. HOWEVER once I put them on I couldn't tell the difference AND it feels so much better than a pad!
Immediately after putting them on:
Feel: comfortable, soft, breathable DEFINITLY better than panties+pad.
Fit/Size: the same as a "normal" pair of panties with the same cut/style
Under clothes: no noticeable difference.  No panty lines.
Security: feels much more secure than wearing panties+pad.  If I went to bed on the heaviest night of my period wearing only THINX, I wouldn't be worried about ruining my sheets.
So Far:
I've been wearing these THINX since my SO got home with them (4.5 hours ago). I've laid in bed, sat on the couch, gone to the store, walked around the store, gone for a drive and it still feels no different than every day panties.  Going out wearing THINX I was without a doubt LESS self-conscious than I have been going out wearing panties+pad or tampon+liner.  Granted, this is the first day of my period and my flow is heaviest around the evening of day 2 or on day 3.  I'll be going to bed soon and will comment on this post with updates about my first THINX experience.