Provera!!! Need help!!!

Mandi • Married to my best, I'm Parapeligic, 30!!!! I have 16 angel babies in heaven! Trying for my first full term pregnancy. 🙏 for a miracle!! God Bless!!!

Hey everyone im on CD70 and my doctor put me on provera 10mg for 10 days to induce my period. I'm needing help from people who have experience with the drug itself.

If I start my period before I finish the pills do I continue to take them till they're gone? Or do I discontinue them once it's a normal period flow?? My doctor didn't specify on this for me and the internet is back and forth on what to do. I really need to know in case this were to happen.

P.s. I know this might not be in the right group so if it's not you can move it to where it needs to be. Thanks so much for the help in advance much love and God bless everyone❤👣