Crazy parents...

I just turned 23 and got 2 tattoos recently. I kept them hidden as I really didn’t know how my parents would react. Well today I told them!! And my dad was kind of shocked but that’s it, my mom on the other hand hasn’t said a word to me since.

I find this not only immature but just plain gross.

I do consider it emotional abuse as well.

If she has a problem with me not telling her that’s one thing, but I do believe she had a problem with me getting a tattoo in general - which is not something we can work on together. I already have it. It is my body. My physical appearance has absolutely nothing to do with who I am, and if me having tattoos is all she sees when she looks at me then I think that says more about her than it does anything else.

I have another appointment for a tattoo scheduled in another couple days.

What do I do?

I am 23 and while I am her child, I find this kind of ridiculous. I’m not asking them to be okay with it but they have to accept that it’s MY body.

This is also a woman who, when I told her I was uncomfortable with her slapping my butt (not in a sexual or creepy way) she said “I don’t care, you’re my kid”.

Any advice would be appreciated. (I can not reschedule my tattoo appointment without loosing my down payment).