9weeks 4 days why am I so huge!

Mandy • 💏2012 🎀👶🏼1/10/14👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻+👼🏻2019👼🏻6/30/19,👼🏻5/31/20

It’s so embarrassing going out in public right now cause I look like I’m damn 20 weeks but I’m only 9 almost 10. Every time I go out people ask me what I’m having and I say I don’t know cause I’m only 9 weeks then they look at me like I’m crazy and say I’m wrong on how far I am but I’m not I’ve had a loooot of scans because of my 4 losses before this one and the fact that ive been spotting since 4 weeks so I know exactly how far along I am. Or they say it’s not just one baby but it is just one lol is anyone else in this same situation right now? I get embarrassed like I shouldn’t be showing yet but I am. I’m gonna be huge when the baby actually grows lol