Upset with hubby. 5 days till due day

Sorry for venting. 
We've had leaking faucets in both showers for the 2 years we've lived here (yes, we have separate bathrooms- this is the key to our relationship). I fixed them by replacing the handles twice in the past along with on going maintenance. Well enough they work for a couple months and give out again. Last night he was in my shower hammering and pounding on things trying to fix it while I was having contractions on the couch. (I have never needed a hammer to fix this before but didn't say anything or ask at the time) This morning I went to shower and he had completely stripped the valve and broke the connector piece to the handle and now I can take a scalding hot shower or shower in his nasty bathroom he hasn't cleaned since we moved in. Ugh. I went to the hardware store and got the stuff to fix the valve and asked him to turn the water off (under the house) tonight when he came home after work so I could fix it. He called me spoiled told me he wasn't going under the house with spiders and was in general really rude to me! Mind you I'm 5 days till my due date. Tomorrow I'm getting membranes stripped and just want to shower in my own clean shower. I'm not joking when I say for the last 2 weeks he has been baking pies while I'm over here 9 months pregnant fixing the plumbing so I can take a shower. This is not how I ever saw this relationship going.