Today I had my sonohysterogram, I didn’t expect it to hurt that much. But it honestly hurt me a lot to the point where I yelped and almost passed out. It was the part where they inflate the balloon it really took my breath away. After I bled a lot and am still cramping. I am crying why can’t I just be a normal and get pregnant on my own. I shouldn’t have to go through all these tests at my age (23) I am now terrified to get my endometrial biopsy done towards the end of my cycle. If it hurts as much as the SHG did then idk what i’m gonna do 😢 I took the recommended 2 extra strength tylenol & ibuprofen 45 mins before but it did nothing 💔 Starting tomorrow morning I have to get internal ultrasounds done every day until I ovulate (roughly a week) which I am fine with those don’t hurt me. But since I just had the SHG done today i’m gonna be sore tomorrow morning. I just feel like crying my eyes out. If you read all this thanks for listening to me. It helps talking to others who go through the same things. On the positive note thankfully everything came back normal in the test, my tubes are open and there is no fibroids or polyps