Today was terrible.

So I just got my period in December, and didn’t get it for about 3 months bc I found out that my hypo-thyroid and that makes you cycles crazy irregular, but anyway let’s just go back to Friday.

So Friday was 2days ago and I woke up with a surprise. I had my period twice before this one and they were both really weirdly light and pinkish. But this one was hardcore red. Also, wasn’t supposed to get my period until Sunday.

So the first day I was pretty light until a bled through my thinner pads... I was freaking out.

So skip to the second day where I had a SOFTBALL GAME. yeah. I literally wanted to DIE. like I’m tired and I’m just causally bleeding way heavier than before it’s fine. And of course my coach put me on 2nd base... one of the places you have to MOVE THE MOST.

Also my pad that I used during the game was not absorbent at all so I bled through again. So that’s great.

I can’t use tampons either, I push the applicator in and I hits something and come right back out? Any idea why this happens? Any tips also? I’m dying having a heavy flow and having to wear a diaper pad for 5 days.

Thanks lol