Toddler with baby on the way ?


Anyone here have a toddler and pregnant with their second or more? Or have done this? 👀

Let me just say I’m miserable and it’s been so hard trying to juggle being sick and making sure my 2 year old is taken care of every day. I can tell he knows I don’t feel good and I feel like such a guilty mother. It’s super hard having a toddler when your going through this. When I was pregnant with my son, I could sleep whenever, and I only had to take care of myself. I’d say it was a piece of cake.

So the other day I get really sick and his dad is at work, I left the door open obviously while I threw up. My poor little man ran in on me and patted my back because I just couldn’t stop throwing up. He was so confused. I just feel so bad and so damn guilty. I know I shouldn’t but it’s been a struggle. Anyone else going through this stuff? What gets you through the day? I take meds for nausea but you can only take so much you know.. ugh.