Question about different cultures in way of marriage


My mother and father in law are Spanish and I have noticed their way of a relationship is very different to others I have seen. Easy way to put it is that the husband tells the wife what to do the husband is the only boss and the wife does everything for him. It scares me that my husband will be like that I have made it very clear I will not tolerate that and that everything in this household is shared work and to be honest I guess as the part time worker and mum to our kids I feel I’m more of the boss. I can tell his mum is not happy but why do women put up with that crap? I feel like she is only staying for the grandkids but every time we are over he is so rude to her and she just does what ever he tells her to do :( it really isn’t setting a good example of a good relationship in front of their own kids and their grandkids.