Is it normal that my husband won’t touch my boobs?

Let me preface this by saying my husband and I have a wonderful relationship! We communicate about everything and he is so caring and considerate... but this has got me so hurt!

My husband has always been a butt guy. No issues there... but every single time we have sex he leaves my shirt on. Now, I have tried talking to him so many times about how it makes me feel, etc. Everytime we talk the next time we have sex he will take me shirt off and touch them but he’s super awkward about it.. like thank you for making it feel so forced.. and then after that time it’s back to having sex with my shirt on.

I understand if he’s not super into them but it makes me so insecure having sex partially clothed! Id like to feel like I have decent boobs (I’m a 34ddd) but now I’ve recently had a baby and they look so saggy so I feel like maybe he just finds them super unattractive? I don’t even like changing in front of him. I’ve taken my own shirt off occasionally but I feel so awkward.. like am I hurting your eyes? Is this normal for some guys? Any advice? Thanks ladies ❤️