Training tips and advice


I recently rescued (for lack of a better term), a 1yr old Pekingese. He wasn't in the ideal situation and I felt I should intervene, however I'm not a dog trainer, just a lover.

He spent his life from 6weeks to 1yr in a room, sharing a bed with a teenage boy, never being walked and used the bathroom in the same room.

The first night I had him he just scratched at our room doors crying and barking all night, between poops and pees throughout the house. Now, I understand he may also be anxious as he hardly knows us and misses his previous owners. I'm planning on going all the way to get him happy, healthy and trained, as my kids are struggling with a lack of sleep.

I set up a crate today so that he's in a safe space at night, I also covered him so he's not distracted. He's still barking and crying like crazy. No, he doesn't need walking as I've already done that and he also used the puppy pads I laid down.

Any training tips for housebreaking and crate training? I will greatly appreciate it.

He's just the cutest lil thing. He follows me everywhere and loves to cuddle. He also barks at everyone entering any room in the house. It's not so much aggressive, but more excitement and maybe a bit of fear. I just wanna give him the best possible chance. He never received any shots and he's not fixed, so I got some work to do. I would really like to get the housebreaking and crate training down pat. Thanks!