Pretty Messed Up Situation.

So, I met this girl online back in early November of 2018. At first, I honestly didn't want to have anything to do with a relationship. I had recently been going through a large spiritual part of my life, searching for something and ultimately finding God. After I met her, a week had gone by before we spoke again. She was super skeptical about talking to me on the phone or even through an online voice call. Which made me question a few things even though I was legitimately only looking for a friend. When she came around to talking to me on voice chat we both shared our testimonies and kept talking about God and sharing scripture. I felt like I could tell this girl absolutely anything. So, a few days later we get on video and begin talking to each other that way, I couldn't believe how beautiful she was. I was blown away by how spiritual and beautiful this girl was. That morning we got to know a little bit about each other. Birthdays, signs, and favorite colors. Nothing major. Then we decided we would play a game together. In reality, I wasn't ready to start anything but as we kept speaking and playing the game, things around us kept happening to point us toward each other. I didn't understand it, it was all happening so quick and it felt so beautiful to experience. The next morning I feel the need to confess my sins to her because she was something more in my life. When I did, she accepted everything I had done and who I was. She then told me about how she had previously had a child and was married before. I accepted her for who she was and for everything she had done and gone through. Nothing she did was wrong. After a while, she then came to visit me and attended church with me and met my family.. we had a moment in deep prayer where I felt the need to ask her to marry me.. SHE SAID YES!! I COULDN'T HELP BUT BE OVERWHELMED WITH JOY AND EXCITEMENT! Everything I wanted and needed was right in front of me.. She then had to go back home. Then we spoke about when I was going to come visit her. A month passes and I go out to see her but the day before I leave.. she mentions one thing that made my heart drop. She told me she was currently married.... I asked how she couldn't tell me and she replied with, the marriage wasn't real, it was a fake marriage so he could gain entrance into the country. I bit and accepted that could have been the situation and came out anyway. We spent the week together and then her mom and God mother got involved. Saying what was happening was wrong and how I should leave. I thought no one knew the marriage was fake and they had to make it look real so he could stay. So, she packed her car and came back to live with me. She spent Christmas with me and my family and my mother gave me her old engagement ring to have her wear. She left back home to go on a cruise with her family. It wasn't until she came back that I found out she went with her family and her "husband"... After a few months, I said I was going to come back it was at this time she told me her marriage was real and she had been lying to me and she had sex with him. She thought she was pregnant with his kid and she said he was still going to leave her because he found out about how she cheated on him with me. I was shocked and confused but still loved her with all my heart. I wanted more than anything to fix it between us. She told me she was getting divorced and asked me to come move in with her. I did, without a second thought. It was then she told me she loved him...and she loved me... after a week and a half of living with her she said she was still getting divorced but she couldn't be with me until she was divorced. I understood but I also feared the outcome of me leaving. She did this to me 3 times before I sat back and accepted what she was doing. I packed my stuff and asked for my mother's ring back. I had thrown something away and she kept asking me what. It was a note I gave her, and I didn't want to tell her. She kept holding my mother's ring hostage until I told her. I couldn't stand it anymore so I lashed out in anger and said Give me my mother's ring and get the fuck out of my way. She kept trying to keep me in the room and asked for a hug. I wanted nothing more than to leave at that moment. I also had one of my bags in her car. I asked her to take it out for me and when we got to her car she just kept asking me what I had thrown out. I couldn't stand it anymore so I began to run off my frustration. When I came back to the house she had all my stuff inside. I knocked to get it back and I walked away. I wanted to call everyone including her husband to tell then what had been going on. I texted her I would do just that, I realized how wrong I was and I also realized I left my toothbrush my charger in the house. I went back to talk and she just gave me attitude and closed the door. I'm not proud of the next part. I wanted to get my stuff so when she refused to let me in, I nudged the door open with my arm. She's a small person, so when I nudged it went in pretty easy. She began to yell and ran up the stairs. I needed to go up there for my things to leave. I then wanted to apologize for lashing out and that I was still going to leave. She then began to yell and pull my shirt, ripped it and repeatedly hit me in the head. She threatened to call the cops and I said okay. I didn't touch her. She called her husband and the cops and so then spoke to the cops about everything that had happened. I did not want to press charges.. She proceeded to get me charged with criminal trespassing. I had to quit my job and leave the state. The part that sucks? I would take her back in a heartbeat if she wanted to come back. Am I wrong for this? I seriously need some advice.