How much support to give regarding vasectomy


My new guy is 32 and divorced w two kids. I’m 24 and have told him outright that I never want kids. The other day we were watching a show that mentioned vasectomies and I asked if he wanted one... he said he had thought about it and just couldn’t “for some reason”. I figured he still wants kids, he talks about his all the time and clearly loves being a dad.

Anyways, I told him we’d have to wear a condom for a couple weeks because I won’t have my BC refilled for a while. He suggested he could get a vasectomy for future convenience and I just brushed it off.

I don’t want him to get one just because I don’t want kids. We’ve only been dating for like a month. I’m super on board if he does want one... but it seems really premature to include me in that decision.

I don’t mind using BC or condoms for the time being. So how should I participate in this discussion if it comes up again?