Who else is already thinking of baby names 🙋😭

Celia 🐄

I'm 18 weeks and already thinking about baby's name even though i don't know the gender yet for another 3 weeks!

If it's a girl, her name will be Natalie Jovannah (Geovanna, Jeovanna, Joanna)

It sounds cute. Also her first name is to honor her great great-grandpa Natalio (father's side) and middle name for her father (my boyfriend) Geovanni. My mom brought it up during lunch one day and it sounded so cute together. Also if its a boy the middle name will be Natalio and I'm still searching for the first name.

I did think of calling him Christian Natalio but 😩 my man's family are christians and mine are Catholic so... Kinda sounds weird to call our kid that... Sounds super adorable tho..

My first son is named Alejandro Luis so it shows how much i like the names to sound good together

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