Just want some emotional support and realistic vibes

Lindsay • 34 yr old RN, married for 6 years. 🌈/🌈/🌈WDR 10-23-17/TTC #2

So here I am on CD 34, I usually have 28-29 day cycles. In fact since I’ve been logging (2 years) I’ve never had a cycle longer than 30 days. However I’ve tested every morning and gotten BFN. 😣 I was supposed to ovulate 3/28, and we had sex 3/31. We aren’t exactly trying but now that my period is 6 days late I’m really wanting us to be pregnant. I know I’m not out till AF arrives but has anyone else waited this long and gotten a BFP? Or am I realistically out.

If it matters my cervix is super high, closed, and varies between chin firm and bruised peach soft. Also I have very very little CM, and what I do have is sticky/creamy.

I’ve had no appetite, achy, very tired and a lot of back pain. My stomach hurts and I’m constipated and gassy. My boobs were tender for a few days but that’s gotten better. I’m having some indigestion and reflux, which I haven’t had since I was pregnant with my son. Also the past 2 nights I haven’t been able to sleep for crap, I just can’t get comfortable.

Any positive vibes or realistic ones are appreciated!! I’m making myself not test again till Friday if AF still hasn’t shown up