My unhealthy friendship..

I’ve been friends with a woman for over 10 years, we met in school and were pretty inseparable up until I got married and moved a few years into our friendship. I’ve always known that she was a more sensitive and dramatic type, but now that I’m grown with a family and a full set of responsibilities- it’s harder to ignore when she comes to visit.

I was molested for the first decade of my life, was abandoned by my father and had to endure unhealthy relationships on my mothers part all throughout my childhood. She knows about all of this but will still complain about how awful and traumatizing her life has been... the worst thing that’s happened (her words) is when her parent stopped talking to her for a year due to a difference of opinions. Admittedly, she’s lived a very carefree and “safe” life so it’s hard for me to sit and listen to her complain about things that seem so trivial.

I don’t ever try to compare lives with others just because we all battle our own demons, but it’s getting harder to want to be around someone who constantly feels that they need to one-up you every-time you open your mouth to speak.

I’d hate to lose this friendship because I do love her but I no longer find myself longing for her presence. How do you manage a friendship with someone who can’t ever see anything past themselves? 😞