Whiney complaint/vent


I just need to get this off my chest because I know you ladies will understand.

I am soooo sick of feeling nauseated!! I was lucky in that I didn’t throw up this morning, but I’m feeling nauseated no matter what I do.

I don’t know how to explain it. It’s changed from feeling like I have food poisoning. Y’know, like feeling as if I want to throw up but it just doesn’t happen. for the past few days it’s just been a general blegghhhh feeling. I feel a little better when I eat but that means I just have to graze all day and that can’t be healthy! Lol

(I’m on like my second bowl of cereal and fourth slice of buttered toast. I had yogurt earlier this morning.)

UPDATE: I think you ladies might be on to something! Except for a bit of breakfast casserole that had cheese sprinkled on top, Ive not had any dairy today. I’m not feeling 100% but it’s DEFINITELY an improvement! I’m a little sad that I can’t have any of my go to snacks and I’m kind of searching around for food now (peanut butter and bread anyone?), but at least I don’t feel gross anymore. Just hungry lol 😆

Yeah I need to go shopping, but I can’t until later. For now it’s whatever I can get together lol.

Thank you for the help!!