NT ultrasound!


Had my NT ultrasound and screening and our results are very low risk!!! I am so glad baby is doing well! She was moving like crazy the tech struggled to get the measurements bc she was moving so much and refused to get into position. Started off abdominal then went to vaginal then back to abdominal! I do have a tilted uterus combined with a super wiggly baby a 30 minute appointment took us over 60 minutes!!! But I am so glad for all that time hubby and I got to watch my baby movie into all sort of positions! She would cross and uncross her legs, lift her arms above her head, scratch her back, do lots of flips and do much more! And also crazy to see the definition of nose lips and eyes, a heart beating so visibly, 5 fingers on each hand, little toes, long legs the vertebrae of her spine and the globes of her brain!!! It was surreal and will forever be imprinted in my mind!!!! I am 11w6d and she is measuring 12w3d! I am grateful she is measuring 4 days ahead with my struggles with HG it is great to know baby is doing well even if I am not feeling my best!!! Here are some pics of my little mover!!! She is waving in the first one, sitting with legs folded behind her in the second and standing to show us her feet!