Nurse dismissed my symptoms!

I made a post yesterday about suddenly being extremely itch all over my body with no rash, no irritated skin, just itchy. Some of you were helpfull and suggested it might be pupps or cholestasis but i dont have the symptoms for either one if these besides bejng extremely itchy. So i called the place where i get treated and a nurse answered the phone and simply said it was allergies. I literally dont have any allergies or allergic to anything so i doubt its that. I she said to just drink more water and that should fix it. Well it hasnt and they wont let me go unless i have an appointment. Luckily i have one on thursday with my obgyn and i will definetly will say something about it. Hopefully shes more helpful than the nurse. Do you all have any idea of what it might be? I havent changed soaps, detergents, lotions, nothing. Its been over a week since i became really itchy and called the nurse