Ladies so for those of you that been seeing my case , my ex husband is a prick ! After all the abuse he still lying and making himself look innocent , he lost it all and I bought a new car , yesterday I called the cops and they told me that we could go to civil union court , I so not stupid realized me and him considered ourselves husband and wife but we never married on paper so I alredy told the police “ hell to the no. Married court is for married couples “ then the police tried to tell me that our apartment was shared property which I laughed in my head because I called the landlord and the apartment is mine . LOL then his friend who is also a prick called me trying to do a victim intimidation asking me to drop charges Oh well ladies I am also not doing it . Then I realize that his shit is still at my house because he is so stupid he been asking for a second chance but I am buying new furniture and I truly feel like throwing his shit away !!! So u ladies must imagine I am on fire 🔥🤬😡 and today my new boyfriend who is awesome in every dammn way told me he is giving me a goddamn car and my ex husband is with his car here where my car should be parked ! Not to mention he finally assumed to cheating on me .... So question is !!! How do I toad his car and can I throw his stuff away legally ??? I am done ✅ I also decided for those of you who do not know that I am keeping my child just because I can , because I realized my worth and I got a job and am able to take care of her .