Facing deportation


Hello ladies, I really need your prayers today for my husband and I. For reference I’m Canadian and my husband is Jamaican. We recently got married in November and are expecting our first baby in September.

Yesterday we were on our way to the Canada border agency to pick up work documents my husband needed to continue to work. We had been informed by his HR manager that they were ready for pickup. So we drove 5 hours out of province. We arrived at the agency and everything seemed to be fine they directed us to a waiting room And said they would be with us shortly. We waited and a border agent came out and started questioning our documents and that there was no proof of a work permit and that my husband had no status in Canada.

I instantly started crying as they told us he may face deportation. After a long wait we were finally called into an office where they told us they were going to let us go for today but that we will have to appeal our

Case this coming Wednesday.

My family has been a great help in the last 2; hours and my brother in law got in touch with a local politicians office to help us with our case.

All I’m really asking for is support in prayers because we really need them right now. I have never felt So terrified in my Life. Sometimes you don’t realize how lucky you are to be born in a certain country until something like this happens.

Thanks in advance ❤️❤️