Am I rite in doing this

Every time I call my boyfriend of 9 years, when he’s at his moms, she’s elderly about 70-75, well every time I call him she has to shout something nasty down the phone to me, always disrespects me, all though I have never not once ever done any wrong to her neither would I, even though she’s horrible to me, I’m 23 weeks pregnant with her grandson, yet my boyfriend doesn’t even say anything to his mom for being nasty to me!! He just laughs!! Their all Jamaican, I’m white, is she racist do you think, am I rite to not let her see her grandson when he’s born, she can’t disrespect me like that all the time, she makes me cry every time, she’s a bully and dosent even care, it upsets me even more because my so called boyfriend dosent say anything to her, I know she’s very old but that gives her no rite to speak to me the way she does!! It always ends in tears with me hanging up the phone crying and he still dosent call me back to see if I’m ok, he just comes back to me late at night