I'm crushed, He said he's sorry!


So we have been ttc for 2 months but let me give you a back story 2 yrs ago i list my baby at 4 months knew the sex had a name and everything. It was world shattering for me and i couldn't deal. I was against trying every again bc i could not handle going through that loss again. Finally after a lot of prayer crying and talking to God i came to terms with my loss. It's still a very sensitive subject and he knows this. So we're 9dpo and have been tracking everything cm cervix position softness bbt opk all of it. We tested this morning and i didn't want to hover over the results i let him do it. He came into the living room and said so does yes me not pregnant. Im not gonna lie i was ecstatic only for him to say im just kidding babe we're not pregnant. It took all of my strength to not break down in front of him but im so hurt. I don't know why he would do that knowing