Husband wont get out of bed on easter

Im so tired of doing every holiday thing for our son by myself. Our son is almost 3 and knows what's going on now so this morning I set up his easter basket for him to wake up to and am going to let him hunt eggs a little later. Well my husband didnt even get up to watch our son's reaction to his easter basket even though he heard us get up. I try to make things exciting for my son. Later on in the day like 11 am we go in the bedroom and I'm on my period bleeding really bad and ran out of pads so I asked him if he would run to the store for me and he flipped out calling me a child because I dont have enough pads ready and freaks out. He told me just wear fricking diapers since I cant control my blood. and as he leaves he slams the door. He came back with 2 huge packs of pads and angrily lays them beside me and as hes walking by he throws down a tv tray that my son had a cup of juice on. Then he jumps in the bed again. Well now its 1:30pm he comes in the living room and Im deep cleaning the house while my son plays with his toys. So I thought he was up ya know? I asked if he wanted to go outside and watch our son hunt eggs. And he says no i dont really care to its not that big of a deal. Now hes back in bed again watching YouTube. I just dont understand why he doesnt want to see his son experience the joy and happiness of easter and other holidays. I didnt go to my family's easter this year because of issues with my mom. So like this is it for my son and i wanted to make it special and i thought at least i would have my husband to hang out with and maybe do bbq or something. I mean he just really doesnt try during holidays. Im the one being santa im the one watching my son on christmas morning open gifts. I have to practically drag him out the door on halloween to trick or treat with our son. I just feel like im doing life alone. He doesnt show up when it counts.