Let’s see those early baby bumps!

Jessica • 29, Married. FTM to Sebastián James 11.30.19.

I hate how women shame posts of early on tummies saying “it’s not a baby bump it’s just bloat” Guess what, if it’s bloat I don’t normally have and is being caused by a baby, it’s a baby bump to me! Now I always had a tummy but I could suck it on and it was barely noticeable with my clothes. This baby is making it impossible to suck it in and I’m deciding to embrace it! Starting my selfie silhouettes early! I’ve waited over 2 years for these moments and I’m going to enjoy them! Let’s see all your baby bumps, any size welcome! (I can’t decide if I like the hair up or hair down so let me know so I can decide for the rest of my weeks. )