Nuva Ring vs Pill

So I'm debating whether or not to get the Nuva Ring. I've been on the pill for several years. I'm on a medium dose apparently, and I've been told the ring is a lower dose of the same hormones I'm taking. The only thing that is stopping me is the effectiveness due to the lower dosage and if it tends to slip out during particular situations. Such as during sex; if I'm on the toilet, or at work..

I work in an industry where I'm constantly running, walking, crawling, climbing and kneeling, you name it, on a daily basis. So that also makes me wonder if it would be right for me.

I would love some input from anyone who's reading this to tell me their experiences with it and what they would suggest. And I'd love it if anyone could answer the basic questions one would most likely ask about the ring while starting out too. I did talk to my doctor about it, she did recommend it but its always more comforting to hear from those who have experience with it.. Any advice is helpful and appreciated. Thank you!