So the last few months I feel like the only thing my man and I have in common anymore is our routine. I work mornings and he works nights and we only see each other in the morning and when I get off work before he leaves for work and we are barely talking about anything expect our son and work and dinner. Other than that we I try to ask him to do more around the house or that we need a date night it turns into a fight. And we haven't had a date with just him and I in over a year and a half. We do go out with the kids but I feel like we need to find a connection again we haven't had sex since Feburary 18 of the year we dont have time each other anymore between work and the kids and work we dont really see much of each other. And I dont know how to make it so we are a couple again I feel like we are just two people living together and have a kid. I dont feel anything anymore with him

I love him but I just dont feel it anymore and I dont want to give up. I hate this and we used to talk so much about everything and now we dont and I dont know what to do.