So angry

My mom and I get into a lot of arguments because she is a huge homophobe, though she denies it, and I like to stick up for MY community, who she talks sh*t about constantly. My dad isnt homophobic but hes my moms b*tch so whatever she says he'll blindly agree to no matter his opinion on the matter. My parents are blaming my best friend, who is both trans and gay, for my "disrespectful behavior" and by "disrespectful behavior" they mean me not tolerating them saying narrow minded and offensive things about the LGBTQ+ community. It makes me so angry that it beings me to tears that me standing my ground and not letting them push me around or talk sh*t about my community is blamed on someone who has done NOTHING to them like it's something like is bad. My dad just yelled at me because I've "offended" my mother. Really? I have come out to my family and I have been yelled at that I just dont understand and that I dont know what im doing so I should shit my mouth, my family bullies my friends because of their sexual and gender orientation, my BESTFRIEND is scared to come over because of my intolerant family, my family has said blatantly rude things about my community who has done nothing to them, and YOU'RE offended?! Are you serious? I'm angry to tears that I cant say anything to change their minds and even if I did I would just get punished for being a big mouthed stupid kid when all I want to do is have my family except me and other people like me.