Swimsuits for a teenager?


I’m 14 year old and I ordered this new swimsuit with my parents online. It came in today and I was super excited I tried it on in my room and I absolutely loved it. But when I went to show my parents they told me the bottoms showed too much for my age and they’re making me return it. Any ideas on how to convince them to let me keep it? They’re reasoning was that if I had friends whose parents wouldn’t let them wear that type of swimsuit and they see me in it that they would think badly of my parents and not let me hang out with their kid anymore. I personally think it’s stupid and they shouldn’t base an opinion on my parents by what I wear and they shouldn’t be staring at my butt anyways.

Edit: thanks for all y’alls advice but I’m I have only a week until we leave for vacation. I’m also really short for my age and kinda just small all around so I have issues trying to find swimsuit bottoms that fit me properly. So if I do get new swimsuit bottoms where could I get ones that look similar to the photo in small sizes on such short notice?

Ft: my weird tan lines from track