I just have to vent....

Second munchkin is on the way in 2 weeks (due date)

Like last time(6 years ago) my husband has no choice but to go into work the next day after I give birth. Which is fine BUT I am really getting annoyed with the whole hospital visiting issue.

With my first I had my entire family in the lobby when I was in labor. The second my son was born I had my immediate family which at the time was 8 people (parents, brothers and sisters) bult in and then his parents (divorced and remarried so 4 more people) also in the room.

I'm talking, I got stitched and they came in. I had my son at 7:11pm so it was getting late and I was laboring/ induced since the morning.

I'm exhausted... my husband has work in the morning and he's out like a light so I'm taking care of our son all night. the morning hits, my husband goes to work, visiting hours start and the moment they do I have aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins and their kids(some I haven't even seen in over a year or more) family friends, friends, my immediate family, his family etc. I was falling asleep and basically forced to breastfeed while people were in the room because no one knows how to take a hint.

This time around I told my husband and parents I do not want anyone but our immediate family (parents, siblings, son) there the day she is born. While I'm in the hospital I do not want everyone coming as soon as visiting hours start. I don't want kids, cousins I don't talk to, family friends etc being invited to my hospital room and have a repeat of last time.

Both my parents and my husband said they aren't going to tell them that they cannot visit me. So I go off. I specially said I have no problem sending a mass text letting everyone know who and when people can trickle in. Am I wrong for that?!

I am grateful my family is excited and all that jazz but people need to understand they can't just show up, they can't invite people i didn't invite, they shouldn't bring their kids and have them running around screaming and grabbing stuff.

When I say I had crowds of people I'm talking 20+ a day and I was there for 3 days. I'm sure my munchkin was just as exhausted as me and i just don't want a repeat.